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So as I said yesterday I would post the next set of incredible recipes either today or Wednesday, so I decided I would do it today :) lunch has been such a huge thing for me because of the habits I had before, a prawn sandwich was my favourite, so these recipes have been a huge learning curve for me. These are not my recipes, the original sources have been linked in, I do not claim these recipes as my own, I merely want to share these incredible recipes with my followers and hope that people find things that they enjoy from these recipes. 
Harvest Quinoa Salad
Spicy Lentil Wraps with Tahini Sauce
Gazpacho Soup
Couscous with Chickpeas, Fennel and Citrus
Kohlrabi Pancakses
Golden Quinoa Salad with Lemon, Dill and Avocado
Vegetable Vegan Biriyani with Carrot Salad
Pumpkin Chilli
Arugula Harvest Salad with Turmeric Dressing
Kale and Quinoa Salad with Dates, Almonds and Citrus Dressing
Green Garbanzo Bean Vegan Tacos
Vegan Tomato and Mushroom Pancakes
Brown Rice Bowl with Maple Glazed Tempeh and Tahini Miso Dressing
Blueberry Quinoa Salad
Mushroom and Potato Curry
Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup
Green Garbanzo Bean, Cauliflower and Quinoa Salad
Spiced Lentil, Sweet Potato and Kale Whole Wheat Pockets
Pumpkin Curry with Chickpeas
Raw Zucchini Pasta with Italian Herbs
Couscous Salad with Cucumber, Red Onions and Herbs
Tofu Eggless Salad Sandwich
Green Minestrone Soup
Kelp Noodle Salad
Chickpea and Kale Sandwich Spread or Salad
Tofuna Salad Sandwich
Brown Rice Salad with Apples, Walnuts and Cherries
Grilled Pineapple and Quinoa Salad
Chunky Bean Spread Sandwich
Chopped Kale, Farro and Chickpea Salad
Summer Rolls with Mango, Lime and Mint Dipping Sauce
Lentil Salad with Walnuts and Herbs
Refried Bean Wraps
Vegan “Elvis” Sandwich
Pesto Pasta Salad
Quinoa and Black Bean Salad with Orange and Coriander Dressing
Marinated Artichoke Salad
Gluten Free Vegan Pho
Pinto Bean and Quinoa Sloppy Joes
Curried Tofu Salad Sandwich
Collard Green Wraps
Hummus, Avocado, Tomato and Baby Spinach Sandwich
Hemp Seed and Kale Salad
Asian Flavoured Quinoa Wraps
Baked Tofu, Arugula and Olive Wraps
Sustainability Salad
Avocado, Tempeh Reuben Salad
Superfood Kale Caesar Salad
Hummus, Cucumber and Avocado Wrap
Coconut, Lemon grass and Lime Soup
Kale, Quinoa and Roasted Pumpkin Pilaf
Barbecued Mushroom and Pumpkin Salad
Baby Onion and Radicchio Salad
Vegan Chilli 
Beetroot and Apple Soup
Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpea and Quinoa Salad Bowl
Orange, Broccoli and Lavender Couscous
Cream of Mushroom Soup
Roasted Vegetable Salad with Rocket and Hummus
Squash, Pomegranate, Kale with Maple and Orange Dressing
Asian Greens with Tofu Salad
Gluten Free Vegan Pizza
Moroccan Pumpkin Soup
Pulled Jackfruit Tacos
Roasted Beetroot Bruschetta
Vegan Macaroni and Cheese
Raw Spinach Soup
Potato, Green Bean and Caper Salad with a Walnut Dressing
Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad
Fresh Veggie and Hummus Wrap
Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich
Zucchini Fritters
Over Baked Tofu
Baked Potato with Home Made Coleslaw 
Chickpea Falafel
4 Layer Vegan Sandwich
Vegan Saffron Risotto
Dhal with Cauliflower
Almond Tuna Salad
Raw Veggie Wraps
The Big Vegan Bowl
Raw Taco Salad
Vegan Chilli with Homemade Sour Cream
Quinoa Fried Rice
Raw Zucchini Pasta in a Vegan Curry Cream Sauce (Raw Vegan)
Raw Veggie Fajitas
Quinoa Patties
Tu-Nut Sandwich (Raw Vegan)
Green Soup
Vegan Tomato Soup
Chickpea and Noodle Soup
Arugala Salad with Mango Dressing
Kale and Quinoa Salad with Apples
Vegan Broccoli Slaw
Yellow Split Pea Soup
Blackberry Salad with Asparagus and Avocado
Vegan Nut Roast
Vegan Kofte
Smoky Tempeh Wrap
Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato and Kale Soup
Like I said, these aren’t my recipes, but I’ve tried lots of these and they’re amazing! Please give them a go :) 
Have a wonderful lunch time! xxxx



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quinoa toast, avocado, lime juice, red onion, arugula, black pepper


im going to get strong muscles so i can carry the animals out of sea world and put them back in the ocean


This is what 5 lbs of muscle looks like vs 5 lbs of fat. So don’t focus on your weight. Focus on what you’re made of.